Friday, 1 April 2011

adrenaline antidote


project hermit (see previous post) is going well. taking a step back from social media / social networking (well, twitter to be precise) is very refreshing indeed. and since quitting facebook, i have no regrets.

my work is off to a good start (*breathes huge sigh of relief*) but i've noticed i'm quite hyper. i got myself geared up to doing this final push but i need to calm down a little.

so, i've found myself reverting to a technique i've found very useful in the past when life has been full of anxiety and stress. it's so simple (just take five minutes out to slow your breathing, control your deep breaths and visualise a calming scene). the scene which i picture each and every time is the beach above - flora bay on the bigger of the two perhentian islands in malaysia. raffaele (my ex and now dear friend) and i went there about ten years ago. we'd been snorkelling every day and seen basking sharks and seals but hadn't spotted any turtles.

on a day when the beach was completely deserted, we were swimming around in the shallows and spotted a turtle. we swam after it, managing to keep up with it for quite a while. it was beautiful and such a serene moment. sitting back and picturing it now.

and relax...


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