Monday, 18 April 2011

short-term incentives

i have draft posts piling up in my head as i write up the first (of four) empirical chapters of my (eight chapter) thesis. the road is long.. and the posts (on italy, china, things i've knitted recently, knitting for japan, bristol, why i have no interest in pinterest, mini rant (oops trying to stay positive) etc etc) will have to wait.

the good news is i'm enjoying the process more than i thought i would. the bad news is i'm a week behind but i can't let the deadlines shift or i'll be still be doing this at christmas. but let's get back to the positives. i am going to be able to take a (wait for it) WHOLE day off on easter sunday. and i have spotted a few fun things on the interweb i'd like to make. chances are i'll just flake out, eat lots of yummy food and cuddle with my almost-too-old-for-cuddles nieces, which will be just lovely too. i also hope to make some sort of interesting alcoholic concoction or lavender lemonade but can't find the links (mine and others) just now as my mind is fRRazzled.

botanical eggs. spotted here and instructions here.

bunny biscuits. spotted here and recipe here.

pattern here

all a bit cutesy but fun (i think) too.

have a lovely easter everyone x

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