Saturday, 5 May 2012


so, here i am, blogging again...

life recently has been full - fabulous in many ways but supremely tough in other ways. well, just one - my bastard thesis.

i am SO near the end now and, for the first time yesterday, i could actually see it. i could taste my freedom. but, as is so common with this stage of a PhD, i started off fresh and positive this morning, enjoying a lazy brunch with raffaele and some exciting news from a friend. and then it all went downhill...

i am working in my office at the weekends at the moment. it is a place where i am used to being efficient (in my new job, which i really love) and generally helps me to feel i'm not missing out on fun in the sun since it is in a business district so no-one is around.

this afternoon i had a meltdown for the third time in seven days. i have set myself a target which i need to reach by tomorrow evening and despite making (slow) progress this afternoon, all i could think was that it doesn't look like i'll make that target. i don't really have a choice at this point since a full, polished draft is due with my supervisors in june. so soon!!! this is much more excellent than negative since it means it really is nearly over. well, the hardest part. there will be (further) revisions to make, of course, but the bulk of it will be done.

raffaele has been as supportive as he can possibly be. as supportive as anyone can be without having gone through the hell that is the final stages of a thesis. he is looking after me and making me laugh but also encouraging me to toughen up, to think positively, to push through this very last stage.

he just sent me a text saying i need to be a warrior :)

so, here i am, with my tear-stained warrior face, blogging about this stage in the game. because i guess i would like to have it to remind me, to look back on, as a diary entry.

i looked up a suitable warrior image on pinterest (since google is full of dire fantasy creatures) and this one made me laugh so it gets a place in this post. it's a bit like i feel at the moment - trying to be strong but not really pulling it off.

i'll be back with an update soon - stronger, fitter and even closer to the finish line!!!

nancy x