Sunday, 20 November 2011

swiss life is cosy, cosy cosy ♥

i don't really have time to blog at the moment. but swiss life is pretty wonderful. full of fresh mountain air, productive thesis writing, lots of socialising, cosy chalet life, coffee on the balcony and lots of good food. so much good food! but that requires another blog post... ps. obviously i don't live in a chalet but it very much feels like it.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

swiss life - week one - in instagram pics

i have been living here just over a week and swiss life is just peachy! i'd forgotten how much i love, love, love living with raffaele. even simple things like cooking together are just so much fun.

i've met some really lovely people so far and my writing is going well. tomorrow the circus is in town and on friday i'm going to a knit club. not a bad start to life in brunnen!

 my cousin, phoebe, took this the night before i left. it was a lovely celebratory night.

 my first morning. clear skies. the view from our dining room.

 raffaele made this delicious plum tart.

first snow on the mountains. moody skies. the view from our living room.

 military provisions!

 artichokes stuffed with bacon, garlic and parsley.

 raffaele celebrates his very last shift at the bistro he used to co-own and has just sold!

 swiss crutches. with spikes on for the snow and ice!

 the first raclette of the season. this was divine! the photos don't do it justice.

 a current WIP (work in progress). knitting in our home, surrounded by mountains, is thoroughly enjoyable!

 monday night roast.

 raff agreed it was photo worthy.

hammock life. swiss life. our balcony.