Sunday, 29 January 2012

thalis and his adventures

posting the video of me skiing inspired me to finally get around to editing some footage i took my lovely friend lara's *gorgeous* boy thalis when they came to visit us in bristol last summer.

the music for the first video is in the back of a taxi by penguin cafe orchestra and the second is tantz glassidic by moishe's bagel.

Friday, 27 January 2012

piste life

today was one of the best days that i've had so far in switzerland. which, considering swiss life is bloody fantastic, is really saying something.

today i went skiing for the first time. it was *so* much fun. when i last lived here i didn't get on that well with snowboarding and was worried i wasn't cut out for piste life of course i have a lot to learn and i took some nasty falls today but i could really see how much progress i was making.

the weather was terrible and visibility was poor but this meant there were hardly any people on the piste which was perfect for me. so excited to go again. and again. and again...

here is a little video raffaele took of me. he was a brilliant teacher. really patient and often pushed me up the slope to ski back down before we thought i was ready for the lift.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

over at figs and roses...

it's been a while since i haven't felt the need or desire to blog for such a long time but there are a few things i want to share over the coming weeks.

in the mean time. you can see what has been going on at figs and roses HQ in the past few months. the launch is still a way off but i am busy preparing stock, ordering business cards and clothing labels and brainstroming oh so many ideas.

swis life continues to be utterly wonderful and just continues to get better! life is very full at the moment and that suits me very well indeed.

wishing you all a belated new year and hoping 2012 is a fantastic one.

so, here are some pics of the first batch of cowls. click on the figs and roses link to read more and see what else we've been up to...