Sunday, 24 October 2010

recycled boat sheds

seen here. ronnie citron-fink describes:

"In an incredible example of adaptive reuse, resourceful fishermen on Holy Island in the UK have   transformed these retired wooden fishing vessels into stunning storage sheds. Each beautifully-aged boat has been flipped upside down and retrofitted with a door to allow it to serve a second life as a safe harbor for tools and other goods".

truly beautiful

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

bike shelf

spotted via, available via

tea shed, st andrew's park

yesterday was my last official shift looking after Baby D and it was a beautiful, warm afternoon so we went to st andrew's park so she could play and then to the tea shed (which closes at the end of october for the winter) for hot chocolate (me) and raisins and fruit smoothie (for D).

Monday, 11 October 2010

ventnor beach

a few weeks ago we had a glorious weekend on the isle of wight. we stayed in ventnor (where charles dickens used to go for his holidays) and it was a beautiful victorian resort. more photos to follow but sunday morning on the beach looking out to the sparkling sea was a definite highlight - accompanied by a minghella coffee and cream ice-cream. lush.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


i want to knit one of each of these. designed by carrie bostick hogge and spotted on hoxton handmade's blog, you can get the patterns here

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

M tries mint tea

from veronica's wonderful blog - M tried her first peppermint (caffeine free) tea today. i think she liked it.

Monday, 4 October 2010

whiteladies road farmers' market

i went to this market for the first time on saturday. it's on the corner of apsley road (where i was born) and is only a few minutes from where i live now but i am always out of the city when it takes place so was really pleased to get a chance to go this weekend.

it was a lovely atmosphere and so nice that the dreadful downpour from friday had not continued. i bought a tasty carrot & nigella seed fritter

and these pretty, and delicious, cupcakes

but my favourite discovery was this basket stall, run by liz

where i bought a tiny moroccan basket for Baby D and this large & colourful ghanaian basket for my yarn.

little D (16 months) is at that age where one of her favourite activities is carrying all her things around with her or putting things in, and then taking them straight back out, of bags. i gave her an oil cloth maisy bag for her 1st birthday but a girl can never have too many bags. and a knitter can never have too many yarn baskets :)

as soon as i've filled my new basket with yarn, i'm going to send liz a photo of it for her 'baskets in action' page of her website. i checked the said page and spotted this sweet little dog

a dog is also on my wishlist (one day...)