Wednesday, 7 November 2012

topsy turvy

i'm a doctor!
i did it!

i had my viva last week and got the highest mark i possibly could with no corrections.

but now life feels a little strange...a little topsy turvy.

sometimes i feel really proud (of course), mostly it doesn't yet feel real and occasionally i feel blue.

there are many rational explanations for this (something really stressful happened last week and i guess i'm still a bit bruised from it, hormones (blah blah) and also it's kind of like an anti climax. for four years i've been focussed on my thesis, for the past year and a half i've struggled with the ghastly writing up process and now it's done. over. this is FANTASTIC. i am THRILLED. i would have wept for days and days if i had had to pick up the thesis and continue reworking it.

but now i feel like i have to learn how to just 'be' again, how to relax! 

this weekend we're off to our local spa up the mountain so it's a good start.

ps my thesis will be available on-line very soon so i'll share the details here when it is if you want to dip in and see what all the fuss was about.