Monday, 4 October 2010

whiteladies road farmers' market

i went to this market for the first time on saturday. it's on the corner of apsley road (where i was born) and is only a few minutes from where i live now but i am always out of the city when it takes place so was really pleased to get a chance to go this weekend.

it was a lovely atmosphere and so nice that the dreadful downpour from friday had not continued. i bought a tasty carrot & nigella seed fritter

and these pretty, and delicious, cupcakes

but my favourite discovery was this basket stall, run by liz

where i bought a tiny moroccan basket for Baby D and this large & colourful ghanaian basket for my yarn.

little D (16 months) is at that age where one of her favourite activities is carrying all her things around with her or putting things in, and then taking them straight back out, of bags. i gave her an oil cloth maisy bag for her 1st birthday but a girl can never have too many bags. and a knitter can never have too many yarn baskets :)

as soon as i've filled my new basket with yarn, i'm going to send liz a photo of it for her 'baskets in action' page of her website. i checked the said page and spotted this sweet little dog

a dog is also on my wishlist (one day...)

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