Friday, 8 April 2011

i smell of holidays

aah, summer. well, an impressively warm spring. it's funny, i'm not a fan of hot summer like so many people are as i don't like being too hot and i also love love love winter (again, unlike many) because i love being cosy, by the fire and i love how the sea looks on a grey day. my favourite season is autumn but this spring sunshine is certainly making working so hard a lot more pleasurable and it does feel good to finally have a tiny bit of colour in my cheeks. i love the fact that i need sun tan lotion in april (and no, i'm not a snob about brands of lotion, i just have very sensitive skin on my face and, if you do too, i recommend this!). and i love the fact that it makes me smell of holidays as, of course, relaxing on the beach is a fabulous thing to dream of while it's all work, work, work. and then i'll have an immense holiday when it's all over (blog post to come on that...).

this is my third day of working al fresco and it will make working this weekend* much more tolerable.

*yes, i am working this weekend just like last but very dear friends are flying in from spain for a wedding and staying with my parents' so i'll join them for brunch in the garden tomorrow and have half a day off. lovely :)

have a lovely sunny weekend everyone x

ps - this is actually my 200th post and i wanted to do something special but it'll have to wait until i've got more time...

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  1. I love this picture of your little workstation out in the garden. I bet working was a tad easier being surrounded with all that beauty!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog recently. I glad you found me!