Saturday, 23 April 2011

easter saturday

despite working for a large proportion of today (and getting lots of good writing done. hurrah!), i managed to have lots of fun. here's the day in pictures


there are more egg pictures but, for some reason, blogger won't let me upload them so will add them to a post about egg rolling. yoda was rowan's first entry, the tardis was faye's first and the long-eylashed egg was my first entry inspired by the only way is eggssex.

the girls were gripped by the new season of dr who. i'm not a fan but it was fun to watch them and it was very exciting to see some corridor shots from the glamorgan building at cardiff university where some of it is filmed and where i go for my PhD supervisions. the girls (addicts) were impressed.

then faye styled my hair into milk braids which i'm just thrilled with.

what a truly wonderful easter saturday it has been.

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  1. What a lovely day, and it's so nice being rewarded with happiness after such a good working session as well.