Thursday, 7 April 2011



gosh, it's amazing what difference a day makes.

yesterday was a tough one. despite working outside* all afternoon, i felt pretty low and fed up with work. i also felt particularly stabby. other negative emotions this past week have included feeling terrified at the enormity of the task ahead since this is, by far, the most difficult thing i have ever had to do in my life. have i said that before? probably a number of times. forgive me but i will probably repeat it on a weekly basis.

i also had a workload reality check and had to cancel some social arrangements and say no to other invitations so that felt pretty rubbish. but i have chosen to work in this way because that is my best chance (i know how i work by now) at getting targets met on time.

there are lots of positive emotions at the moment too. and not just today when i am feeling chipper. i'm very proud of myself for having succeeded in immersing myself in my work and it feels good. i am confident about the work i am so far producing and i am so very passionate about my research and the data i've collected (after following families through their first year of parenthood).

in all, i would say this week has been wavy. (thanks to hels for this term).

here are a few pics of my first week of project hermit.

wed - wine to steady the nerves before project hermit began

thurs - data, notes & coffee. #currentview

 fri - taking a break and getting sun on my face. #currentview

sat - shedding a few tears as the enormity of writing up dawns on me

sun - apt reading for mother's day

mon - good old fashioned post-it notes and pads helping me organise my PhD in addition to spreadsheets

tues -work was going well but my mum bought be these flowers to cheer me up when times are tough

wed - outdoor office.

*i am so lucky to be able to work at my parents' whenever i want. their house is a sanctuary and they have the oh so important outside space that my beautiful bristol flat doesn't. i tend to move location quite a bit when working this hard (to keep me alert) so i move from room to room, house to house, cafe to cafe.

two more things - it will be interesting to see if anyone reads this since i won't be advertising it on twitter (taking a complete break for a while) and facebook (still zero regrets about quitting). also, i am still updating my pics daily to my flickr site.


  1. Aww Nancy! I didnt realise you had been feeling so low :( It will be so worth it though and what an amazing thing to acheive! When you emerge from Hermit land we are having drinks stat! xoxo

  2. it's just very up and down like i said. not surprising given how hard i'm working but i'll be ok :) and yes, drinks when i emerge! xx