Tuesday, 5 April 2011

putting my life on hold

so far, work is going really well and today is a particularly good day but i have had a workload reality check and earlier today i had to cancel some social arrangements.

my PhD isn't my life's work but i want to do myself and my data justice so i'm prepared to make this sacrifice.

my mind is filling up with all the things i'll do when i've finished (a fantastic trip, possibly move house, have a huge party and most of all get my regular social life back!)

one of the first things i want to do (after i've drunk my body weight in veuve clicquot) is make this cake. it seems a very fitting celebration cake.


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  1. I couldn't stop making plans of what I would do when i finished my PhD...it was my favourite daydream - that and what I would write in my acknowledgements!

    Hope the work is going well.

    My PhD was in genetics and biochem but now I've seen the light and am doing qualitative work!