Wednesday, 20 April 2011

simple treats

the last few days have been pretty tough. but i don't want to write too much about my PhD on here because i spend so much of the rest of my time thinking about it!

i've been finding nice ways to relax or switch off which, other than brunch with friends over from spain, (hola rosana if you're reading this) does not include socialising. at the moment i'm not actually very good company so hermit land is still suiting me just fine.

but here are some sweet treats from the past fortnight (in no particular order).

 homemade (by my dad) sloe gin. lush!


 new old shoes ordered after spotting them here. currently winging their way to me :)

 more to be revealed on this soon...

 today's lunch-break activity - collecting a posy of wild flowers

 taking time away from the screen to just sit and stare at the beautiful trees

 reading and snoozing in the sun during a break

 continuing to work outside whenever the sun shines. the weather is so gorgeous at the moment.


 catching up on grey's anatomy. i love this show.

 my favourite guilty pleasure - the only way is essex. i smile the whole way through the show and think joey essex (pictured above sporting his reem whip) should have his own spin off show.

watching babies. this is a *fantastic* film. absolutely fascinating. basically a documentary following the first year of four babies' lives in namibia, mongolia, san francisco and tokyo in the style of a wildlife documentary. i will definitely watch it again and again. in fact, i think i posted the trailer a while back on my blog but can't be bothered to find it so will post it again here. also, if babies aren't your thing, i think you'd still find it enjoyable and the cinematography is just wonderful.

it's a truly hilarious film and well worth watching the interviews with the director as well (if you're interested about the parenting, development and research side as i am).

what are your simple treats?

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