Wednesday, 30 March 2011



last week i wrote about taking time out at the weekend to focus on my thesis. it worked in a sense. i wasn't too distracted but i also wasn't completely immersed, which is what i need. i metioned that there may be weeks where i would have to become a hermit but that time has come sooner than i thought. i thought i would do this if the momentum was good but i've realised i actually need to do it immediately in order to 'get in the zone'. i need to be living and breathing my data and thinking about little else.

i am hoping i make so much progress over the next few weeks that i will be able to come up for air but there is no way of knowing how i will get on.

i will still blog as it is a nice escape. i will still read the blogs that i follow. i will still use twitter but much, much less than i do now.

essentially, i won't be connected with people in real life and people virtually in the same way that i have been up until now.

i need it. i need to put my work first. just for a while.

off into the wilderness i go...

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