Sunday, 27 March 2011

writing space

a brief break from the world of twitter (and regularly reading blogs on my google reader) has been good. i have worked well this weekend and not been distracted by the nice weather and events going on in bristol (such as spring love food fest. i've sent e-mails to old friends and texts to new. and one of my closest friends is coming over this evening for wine and a bite to eat so all is good.

but i am about to become a bit of a hermit. it is the only way i will get my PhD finished on time. my aim is to submit a finished draft to my supervisors at the end of august. then i'll go on a much needed holiday for a few weeks in september (blog post on this to follow as it's super exciting). when i return, there'll be all those fiddly changes to make and shortly after it should be ready to submit to examiners.

as is usual when i write, my mind whirs (as mentioned in my last post). last night i cast on a new knitting project which will provide a nice break from study but i will also keep up with blogging. i have no less than 21 posts drafted in my head and, again, it is a nice break from work. i will aim to stay sociable and see friends two to three times a week (including weekends) but there may be weeks where, when the momentum is good, i just need to completely get my head down and not speak to a soul.

the space i write in is also very important to me. i have blogged about this ideal space before (on my old blog) but it didn't transfer properly when i moved from posterous to blogger (gah, that old problem rearing its ugly head again). so, here it is again.


mum and i are currently talking about staying somewhere (for a week or two) in the next few months to write with zero distractions as we both have academic writing to do. we have that most middle class dilemma of trying to decide whose holiday home we'd like to stay in most.

i also really love working at kitchen tables. and if i could sit at either of these two and write, i would be very happy indeed. although entertaining at them would be even more fun.

these last two images were spotted on megan boley's pinterest. while i think pinterest is a great idea and have seen quite a few twitter pals using it, i have resisted the urge to join as it would just be another distraction from work. also, if you don't follow megan's blog, or follow her on twitter (@meganboley), you really should, she's one of my favourites. she's very funny and very beautiful but most of all i just love seeing her little boy benton grow. he is (no exaggeration) one of the sweetest babies i've ever seen and megan takes simply gorgeous pictures of him. see?

right, back to work for a few hours for me. enjoy your sunday afternoon everyone.

n x

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