Friday, 25 March 2011

taking time out


i'm taking a (long) weekend off. no, not to have leisurely breakfasts, pootle round bristol and hang out in the sun. i can recognise the signs - a long (for me) previous blog post, post-it notes on my coffee table reminding me what future posts i want to write, a very long e-mail to fritha and thoughts whirring about what to knit next. all these activities mean i'm avoiding what i really need to be doing - my PhD.

i have a very tight timetable to be implemented today (or maybe tomorrow...) to make sure i get this thesis submitted on time. so, i'm taking the weekend off twitter and blogging. i'll keep posting my daily pics on instagram and my flickr 365 set because that's not distracting. i'll catch up with blogs through my trusty google reader next week and, if i'm progressing well, i may reply to DMs or @ messages. but, essentially, i won't be checking what else is going on.

wishing you all a lovely weekend and i'll see you on the other side.

n x


  1. wow cold turkery on twitter/blogger! I will miss your posts :) have a lovely productive weekend xx

  2. See you on the other side, Nancy x