Monday, 21 March 2011

a virtual (very high quality!) jumble sale - introducing nancyflowers' wardrobe

having spent the last few days thinking about how to raise money for charities, i now need to raise some for myself. my PhD scholarship doesn't go into my account again until 1 april and, my goodness, that seems a long way away.

i have no idea whether advertising my beautiful (mainly unworn, still with tags on!) clothes and accessories on-line will work but i wanted to try and cut out the middle man. plus i need funds as soon as is possible and eBay and a dress agency will take much much longer.

so, i have created a sister blog - in the hope that people will flock there purchasing bargains galore. here are some sneak peeks at what's on offer but i will be adding more over the next few days:

*waits by the phone*

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