Thursday, 24 March 2011

in the heart of the moon

last saturday, everyone was all a flutter with excitement about the super moon. i went to the deco lounge for drinks with my friend eszter and snapped this picture on my trusty iPhone as we walked up cotham hill.

it was quite incredible. so low and heavy in the sky. and so big! when i got home, i saw that channel 4 news were asking people to tweet them their #supermoon pictures. i duly tweeted but never thought i'd get a response having seen some of the other incredible shots taken with better cameras and super lenses. they immediately re-tweeted it it (to those of you not on twitter, they shared it with their followers) and it has, to this date, had 855 views. and the next day they posted it in their super moon gallery.

i took a screen shot from my iPhone to capture it immediately. so pleased :) you can see the other fabulous entries here - all way better than mine but i like that mine captures the moon in the city.

one of my favourites posted on twitter / in the blogosphere was charlie's moon

which hels (charlie's girlfriend and my twitter twin - an in joke, you had to be there yadi yada) posted on her fabulous blog.

last night, after a great night out meeting twitter pals (blog post also to follow on this), i was still awake at 3am knitting for japan (blog post to follow soon on this too) and pottering in my flat and i noticed the moon through the slats of my living room blind.

i can't have a post about the moon without my two favourite moon songs. what do you mean, you don't have a favourite moon song? get one tout suite! i'm inspired by the 30-day song challenge that fritha (@moonbeatle) and jo (@stillawake) have been taking part in (click on the links to see their songs) but i fell at the first hurdle 'name your favourite song' as i couldn't possibly name just one favourite. but these two are definitely two of my favourites.

nick drake - pink moon

this next, is actually called 'hawa dolo' but it's from ali fakre toure & toumani diabaté's album in the heart of the moon (where i borrowed my blog post title from).

i think this song is utterly beautiful. and i love the album cover so here is a better image

however this song also makes my heart hurt. i'm sure, if i ever saw it performed live, i would be in floods of tears. so, even though i'm feeling ever so happy today, excuse me while i go and have a little weep. i blame the #supermoon.


  1. hehe and my name is 'moonbeatle' lovely pics and looking forward to your twitter meets post, i'm doing mine too! :) x

  2. loved that last track.
    thank you