Wednesday, 16 March 2011


it is late and i have just finished writing for a deadline tomorrow. i have a PhD supervision tomorrow so need to go to bed now but i just wanted to post this before i sleep.

i am going to blog about aid agency efforts and knitting for japan over the next few days when i have more time. it has felt wrong to blog about anything since the horrific earthquake and tsuanami hit japan. it is just so utterly heartbreaking and i can't stop thinking about it. 

as i worked this evening, i listened to one of my favourite albums - sufjan stevens' 'greetings from michigan the great lake state'. the song 'redford' came on and i instantly thought of japan.

my friends in japan and their families are ok but my thoughts are with those that were less fortunate. but thoughts are not enough at a time like this and that is why i'll be posting soon about other ways to help.

nancy x

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