Sunday, 20 March 2011

MSF p/hop

it is now just over a week that the earthquake and tsunami hit japan. i am still glued to news reports on the emerging footage, the clean up operation and tales of survival. of course, those that did survive are having to cope with the nuclear crisis and many are displaced due to any or all of these disasters. the fact that there is so much snow just seems so very unfair on top of everything else.

it is true that japan is a highly developed country with infrastructure and teams who were ready to cope with earthquakes and tsunamis. but it is the scale, and the combination of disasters, which makes it so incomprehensible and upsetting and is the reason why japan still needs help.

this week, i have been sorting out yarn to donate to a very worthwhile cause - MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) via MSF Phop. MSF have explained that they have not launched a specific appeal for japan but  are drawing on existing resources and have a small team based there. you can read about what they are currently doing here.

MSF p/hop is a fantastic way to raise funds through knitting and all things yarn. 'p/hopping' involves getting hold of yarn which has been advertised on their ravelry group and donating to them (with all proceeds going directly to MSF). you decide how many pennies to give per hour of pleasure, hence the term 'p/hop'. genius! you can also download one of their patterns. just don't forget to donate to MSF p/hop afterwards. you can read more about what is involved here. they just recently won an award for 'most creative fundraiser' at the just giving awards. i first p/hopped in response to the haiti appeal and the wonderful clare, aka @GingerKnits, was one of the recipients of my first lot of donated yarn. i have borrowed this photo from her blog of the wool and card i sent her:

so, this time around, i am donating the following:

head over to my ravelry post to see the details of what is pictured above and get donating!

i am doing more knitting for japan but will write this up in a separate blog post where i will link to a few other great ideas to raise funds.

happy knitting / donating / p/hopping.


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