Thursday, 2 December 2010


here are some pictures from my current favourite blog. liivia is a finnish artist and, though i have no idea what she's saying, the photos are gorgeous and show glimpses of her daily life. there are simply too many lovely ones to show all my favourites here but visit her blog to see many, many more.

she recently visited berlin and took so many beautiful shots of my favourite parts - kreuzberg (where my brother recently lived) and prenzlauerberg (where i would live if i lived in berlin). she reminded me of all the wonderful cafes there and i really must go back and visit.

liivia is a knitter which makes her blog all the more wonderful


  1. I found u via Via. Haha, and wanted to tell that the knitter (with the light blue scarf) above is me :) But beside Liivia my skills in knitting really pales. She is a real knitter! And all in all very wonderful lady.

  2. and just like that i find another great finnish blog. you also take lovely photos :)