Tuesday, 7 December 2010

peabody and the sausage dogs

PhD work is really starting to feel stressful at the moment. not that there's more of it but it requires careful juggling and i'm finding it hard to concentrate on writing when i have the fourth and final round of research interviews to plan and conduct. not to mention the distractions of christmas planning and shopping.

the other week i was feeling overwhelmed with work but was in clifton village hunting down some decorations for my dad's birthday party. and i stumbled across these sweet, sweet little dachshunds. my worries instantly disappeared and i just felt really calmed by these funny little dogs. the wire one was called otto and the smooth one jack. i was as impressed by their knitwear as them and then bumped into them (and their owner) in a shop later so got to have a proper stroke.

i would really love a dog and generally prefer them to cats but then i saw this photo posted on twitter of peabody the cat and...

how could i not want one of these too? very sweet indeed.

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