Saturday, 18 December 2010

silver lining

the snow has scuppered lots of christmas plans for people and i feel so sorry for those who will be alone at this time of year or who are scared, hungry or cold because they're snowed in. i've had to cancel my weekend plans for the second time this season but i still have a thoroughly festive time planned.

my cousin, phoebe, didn't get to go to rome as her flight was cancelled but that means i get to see her in bath on tuesday when i'll be having my hair cut (getting myself some bangs for christmas from mel who owns this amazing salon!).

it's the very first christmas i won't be spending with phoebe so, even though i'm sad for her she doesn't get to go to italy this weekend, i'm thrilled i'll get to see her instead.

i love you phillis,

nanise xxxxx

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