Wednesday, 22 December 2010

christmas preparation - part 3

with the big freeze upon us, i'm taking no chances as i drive across the country from bristol to southampton tomorrow and then on to brighton on friday (and then back again before new year). it looks like the worst of the snow is further north at the moment but all it takes is one lorry to jack-knife and i'll be stuck on the A34 all night.

so, i'm driving prepared. taking a torch, water, loo roll, high-energy snacks, blankets, sleeping bag, a hat, a super warm winter coat and these snowboarding boots. i was going to sell them on eBay since i no longer live in switzerland and have no desire to go boarding again. but, on the off chance i have to treck through the snow, i'd rather be wearing these than my wellies.

to anyone driving over the next few days, take care! and i really hope everyone gets to where they're supposed to be this christmas.

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  1. I've just sold my snowboard boots (tonight!) on ebay... for just a little under the price I paid for them 4 years ago!

    Keith made up a winter kit for each of the cars... spare coats, boots, hat, gloves, scarves, chocolate and lucozade... and snow shovels!