Friday, 10 December 2010

unexpected bristol weekend

last weekend, although there was no snow in bristol, it affected my plans to go elsewhere so i ended up at a loose end. i had some work to do but really wanted to visit both food markets that i knew were happening that weekend.

i had mulled apple juice at whiteladies road christmas market. lush.

there was a bicycle-powered christmas tree

the next day i visited the slow food market on corn street. on our way, we spotted the matthew done up to advertise the new narnia film

at the market we had spicy hot chocolate. delicious.

and popped to trethowan's dairy shop after a coffee at source.

we spotted some filming of a second-world war drama (night watch) on corn street

and the coca cola truck. holidays are coming, holidays are coming...

then we had mulled cider at the arnolfini. not nearly as nice as the one i'd had the previous week at the cori tap.

then we watched a man ice a chair

then we went home.

the end.

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