Saturday, 22 October 2011

she makes my heart swell


isn't it simply wonderful when you have a real connection with someone? no matter how young or old? i didn't think it was possible to feel happier and luckier this week. but then i went and had coffee with liz and her daughter darcie (who i looked after once a week from 11 weeks - 15 months).

i hadn't seen her for months but she still remembered me and it was the first time we'd been able to have a proper chat. she's two and a half and some snippets of our conversations went like this:

(as i help D take off her shoes and put on her slippers):

D:  are you ok nancy?
N:  yes, darcie, i'm great because i'm here with you.
D: yes.
N: i used to look after you when you were a baby.
D: yes. do you like your baby?
N: i don't have a baby. do you like babies?
D: i do, nancy. i love babies.

other sweet questions she asked me:

- do you like to spin?
- can i have a cuddle? can i have a hug? can i sit on your lap? (lots)
- can we pick some straw bears (strawberries?)
- what is your friend boy's name? (she was confused about me explaining about raffaele but then pronounced it perfectly).

when i held her she played with my necklace (pictured in the blog post below). she asked me if it was broken because it was in two parts. she held my necklace and swept my fringe out of my eyes just like she always used to do. except this time she told me. she whispered  'i'm just moving your hair out of your face, ok?' then she gave me a kiss. it was so intimate, so special. liz and i both had tears in our eyes. 
it was no nice to be able to text liz and ask her to give D a hug and a kiss from me and to know that she would understand what that meant. apparently she hasn't stopped talking about me and asking where i am. it makes my heart swell.

words and pictures don't nearly convey how special this little person is and i am so thrilled to still be in her (and liz's) life. i can't wait to see them for coffee again but think skype will also be an excellent way to stay in touch now she's so articulate.

you can read my other post about D here.

ps thank you liz for taking such lovely photographs of us!


  1. Hello hello, I just read your blog for the first time, and found myself scrolling all the way down. I love it. I love the beautiful pictures of italy and Switzerland, and the moving photographs, I want to try that. Also the lovely stylish women, I want to be a stylish woman! One day perhaps in my forties and fifties (I have decided that is those are the decades for style and elegance). Anywho just wanted to say hello and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. - Annie

  2. hi annie, thank you so much! i discovered your lovely blog yesterday and definitely intend to enter your giveaway. just need to decide which post is my favourite! i've just followed your blog too and have found you on twitter so it will be great to keep up with your and laura's crafty adventures! nancy x