Saturday, 1 October 2011

a game changer

here it is again, that familiar rollercoaster nature of writing a PhD and that overwhelmed feeling is creeping back.

i have been on a huge high (of course i have, what with a fabulous time in italy and all the exciting developments that brought with it!!). but i was also back to feeling really capable (like when i wrote this post - 'after the storm') and i felt like the end was in sight.

last night i was talking about when i might get this beast finished. i had been hoping to submit a polished draft by christmas. but then someone mentioned spring. what?!! no!! i can’t possibly cope with still working on it until then.

but that is the thing with an 80,000 word thesis. it. just. keeps. on. going...

nb - i took this photo back in 2003 when i lived in central switzerland. i'm going back next week to stay with raffaele and work from there so i will be climbing mountains in real life as well as metaphorically.

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