Thursday, 7 July 2011

after the storm


for the past month this collage has been very apt - looking ahead to the dark clouds that were the harder bits of my PhD, still to come. earlier this week i was in that storm, experiencing the most hideous struggles with my writing, where everything seemed unmanageable and where i felt almost ready to give up on it. but i grappled with the existing literature and my empirical data, i rose to the challenge and i have emerged so much stronger on the other side. i know the process of this thesis is such that there will still be bleak times to come, that i will once again feel overwhelmed by the work i still have to do. but i wanted to harness this positivity, to capture it in this blog post. i was listening to mumford and sons this morning and the song 'after the storm' seems just right for today - 'get over your hill and see what you'll find there'. i'm over my hill and, well, life (full of all its possibilities) is looking pretty darn peachy to me.

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