Wednesday, 6 July 2011


when i started the process of writing up my empirical data i promised myself some treats along the way. with my holiday to italy fast approaching, i have been extremely careful about what i eat and have virtually cut out alcohol so champagne and cake are not a great option.

as i mentioned in my previous post, i have a birthday coming up and so decided to buy myself a generous present. i have considered knitting a throw on and off for years and i might one day start some sort of patchwork blanket to be completed over a decade but, for now, i would rather spend A LOT less money on a machine-knitted throw than splash cash on wool to make my own. why oh why does yarn have to be so expensive?

anyway, i have just ordered the above throw and, since i have been working on the chapter from hell, would feel i deserved it even if i didn't have a birthday coming up.

but the best treat imaginable is having some time off to spend with friends who will be visiting next week from cyprus. CANNOT wait.

photo of lara (with her baby thalis) taken by her sister clio.
throw available from here.

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