Friday, 1 July 2011


if you know me in real life or follow me on twitter (or both), you will know i've been getting increasingly fed up with my PhD. not surprising as this stage is well-known to be the toughest but today i feel particularly overwhelmed. it just keeps getting harder - more academically challenging and the sheer scale does not seem to diminish.

but this photo makes me feel a little calmer. i love the colours and it was one of my favourite adventures. aroon and i were in morocco and i can't remember where this is but we were on our way to the sahara.

i am so, so ready for more adventures and first stop will be italy in september when i won't have finished but when i will have done enough writing to feel celebratory.

the trips i have planned for when i submit a polished draft to my supervisors, for when i formally submit, for when i sit my viva and for when i receive the official 'Dr' title - oh goodness, there is so much fun ahead.

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