Sunday, 3 July 2011


although writing has been tough this weekend - partly because it's tough generally and partly because it's tough working at the weekend - i have felt really inspired for much of it.

it just sort of crept up on me, this desire to improve my photography and enjoy my digital SLR to its full potential. my favourite blogs are the ones with beautiful photos and i often scroll to the images and don't read the text.

i absolutely love my iPhone and have taken thousands of photos on it including the one above at winchester cathedral which i think is my favourite (iPhone) photo to date. it was taken using the hipstamatic app - remember that?? i love, love, love the instagram app (you can find me @nancyflowers) but i have always enjoyed using my SLR and now DSLR and am excited about learning new techniques and also learning how to edit them to get *exactly* what i'm looking for.

i turn 34 in six weeks (gulp) and although i'm sure i will keep it extremely low key this year, it hasn't stopped me thinking about a wish list. a sewing machine is right up there but it would just sit unused until i finish my PhD whereas photography goodies can be put straight to good use. so, i'm going to add photoshop software, upgrading to a flickr pro account and a new lens to my list. but the main thing i'll wish for is a sunny day.

hmm, this post is a little word heavy given that it's about photography. here are two of my favourite portrait shots (which is what i most want to focus on with a new lens).

top - maia, aged about 4 here.
bottom - me and efthymia (one of my dearest friends from cyprus)


  1. Almost there Nancy and you can enjoy lots of creativity soon. I hope the thought of the photography keeps you going for a bit. x

  2. thanks jo. yes, it helps keep me going and it helps motivate me to finish and be free to concentrate on other things! X