Wednesday, 5 October 2011

everything is possible

there is so much i want to say, so much i want to shout from the roof tops. but i am oh so tired (i had a *fantastic* PhD supervision today but they always take it out of me). plus i want to save some of my words for raffaele, for us.

so, this is just a brief post to say how wonderful it feels to be truly living in the moment.

i have always been one for plans. but life never goes to plan. for the last few years, i have become more and more preoccupied with having children. it is what i have always wanted, what i have always been sure about. the constant in my life when other things have changed.

but now that raffaele and i have found each other again (ten years after we met and eight years after we split up), now that i am hopelessly in love with this brilliant man, i feel calmer than i have ever felt. we have time. we are free.

for now, i want to suck up this life we’re living together, just the two of us, where everything and anything is possible.

and there is something quite unique about this feeling – the heady, electric, dreaminess of falling in love and feeling a little addicted (ok, quite a lot addicted) to someone. but to feel all of this at the same time as having that history, that security and that certainty that that someone is the love of your life.

my goodness, that feels good.

if you want to read about another wonderful story of reuniting, head over to drea’s blog – i feel like she knows exactly how it feels to fall head over heels back in love.

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