Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Baby D

i used to look after sweet, sweet Baby D once a week from when she was 11 weeks old to about 14 months old. i had to give up working for her mum as i needed to work full-time on my PhD and D's mum and i were both very sad this arrangement had come to an end. spending time with D was always lovely because it was a complete switch off from studying. if i arrived tired or stressed out, D would smile and laugh throughout the day and i'd feel so much better. she was really good for me!

this bracelet was a leaving present and i wear it every day.

i hadn't seen D for a few months and today i had lunch with her and her mum. i was so worried she wouldn't remember me but really wanted her to since i had been so involved in her early life. but, when i arrived, after a few seconds of looking curious, she beamed and then babbled away ending with 'coffee' and then promptly walked over to the cupboard where the cups are.

she was delightful, as always and, although she'd changed and grown up so much, especially with her speech, it was so comforting to know she hadn't changed at all. still smiling, still hilarious and still cuddly. and for me and D's mum, liz, it felt like i'd only been there last week.

what a lovely tuesday :)

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