Thursday, 27 January 2011

noah's ear flap hat

in november i went to stay with my dear friend heather, her husband james and their sweet boy noah (2). to thank them for having me, i knitted noah this ear-flap hat in baby alpaca. at first noah wasn't too sure as it was a little big and, instead of wearing it, he pulled it around in his trolley.

he is inseparable from his little monkey (or is it a bear?) leon (a gift from me when he was tiny) and even faces him forward in the car so leon can see where he's going. although at this point, he was talking to leon

for his second birthday (in december) i knitted a hat for leon too

i asked heather the other day if noah had made any progress trying the hat on and was thrilled to hear that he now wears it (although with the front rolled up so it doesn't get in his eyes). i think it really suits him :)

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