Sunday, 19 February 2012

my little brother is 30!

my wonderful little brother turns 30 tomorrow. he's in LA celebrating and currently lives in beijing so i haven't seen him for a while. this is a virtual birthday card to him with some of my favourite photos of the two of us plus one of my favourites of him at the end on a camping trip we took a few years ago to durdle door in dorset.

30 years ago my dad picked me up from school to tell me there was a surprise at home. my response: ice lollies? i was a very jealous 4 and a half year old and there are so many dreadful things i did to dan as a baby (!) but we are wonderfully close and i miss him.

so, happy birthday dan!! your 30th birthday card to me had me in tears and is the nicest thing i have ever read. i am still waiting for our picnic :) but maybe we can have it on a boat or up a mountain when you come and visit me and raffaele in switzerland.

i love you ever so much and am ever so proud. may this year be a fabulous one for you and this decade the best yet.

nancy xxxxxxxxx

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