Thursday, 16 June 2011

happy thoughts

oh my goodness, i'm so emotional today. and my gosh, the purpose of this blog changes every day. oh well, i am fickle. and i'm ok with that :)

i woke up to three pieces of really bad, and in one case devastating, news - all for other people, not for me, and so my thoughts are with them all today.

i just wanted to post two things which made me smile. i saw them both a long time ago but i keep returning to them and keep smiling so today is a good time to share them.

first up, these sweet bear cubs!

from veronica's blog. seriously though, the amount of time i refer to V's blog on here, i'm sure you follow hers too and have seen it already.

secondly, EV's dancing. now i have seen some pretty hilarious and wonderful baby dancing in the past but this little girl has *such* amazing rhythmn. incredible!

Untitled from Melissa Jordan on Vimeo.

oops, as soon as i posted this, i realised i have already blogged about the bear cubs. oh well, you can't have too much of them in my opinion.

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  1. I loved the video Nancy, thanks so much for posting. That little girl is just too perfect. x