Thursday, 9 June 2011

anoushka's lovebug booties

after a refreshing hiatus from blogging and twitter, i'm still not sure what i think of it all but i wanted to share a few bits of knitting i've been doing recently. first up, these sweet lovebug booties for my friend's baby anoushka. first time round i struggled with the pattern as had never properly understood how to place markers (odd i know) but once lucy (serious expert knitter in my eyes) showed me the way, everything fell into place.

a very pleasing mini project and anoushka's granny popped them straight onto her feet when they were unwrapped. there's a lot of room for her to grow into them so they should be perfect for autumn.

stats: the boots are designed by the wonderful carrie bostick hoge and you can find her designs here on ravelry or visit her lovely blog and see what else she's been up to. i used debbie bliss cashmerino aran so chunkier than the pattern requires which made for a slightly fatter boot.

i'll have no wifi for the next few days but i'll update with more knitty goodness soon (including knitting for japan - not forgotten despite dropping out of the news!).

to all knitters attending the stitch london crawl this saturday, have a fabulous time. it looks wonderful and yet another year passes when i can't attend and meet up with all the wonderful london knitters. my PhD wins. but for this year only.

there have also been some very exciting developments on the knitting front which i will share at some point over the summer.

n x


  1. oh, cute booties! love the colors you chose.

  2. thanks :) next up is your camilla babe jumper and i'm going to order the quince & co wool to knit it with. exciting!