Tuesday, 17 August 2010

what's the catch?

i think this is a fantastic photo. as seen on rob's food photography posterous blog (http://eatpictures.posterous.com/)

    rob says:

Not strictly food photography.  But you could argue it's about to be.

Took this photo on holiday this time last year.  We were on the harbour beach in Shaldon, at the mouth of the River Teign in South Devon.

At low tide a fisherman rows a boat out into the mouth of the estuary, paying out a long line of fishing net (possibly called a seine net?) in a huge arc, like an enormous circular curtain below the surface of the water.

Three fisherman then gather the ends of the net on the shore, and slowly draw the ropes in - hand over hand - one hauling each end, and the man in the middle pulling a centre rope connected to the bottom of the net.

Slowly, slowly the circle of net becomes smaller and smaller until they bring in a catch of wild salmon in the last pocket of net still in the water.

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