Monday, 30 August 2010

birthday antiques

P and i were in topsham on my birthday and so a visit to the quay antiques centre was obligatory - four huge floors of wonderful goodies and so reasonably priced compared to bristol, bath and tetbury (other places i tend to trawl for antiques).

i was thrilled with my finds. i've needed more cutlery for ages and am always amazed by the price of stuff that just isn't very nice. so, when i stumbled upon these forks and dessert forks (£11 per bundle), i was delighted. i'll match the large forks with bone-handled knives but couldn't find ones i liked that day.

i've wanted to start a collection of vintage tea cups and saucers for a while but hadn't considered coffee or espresso cups but i *love* this ( a snip at £4). the charles & diana mug was £5 and i just thought it was fun. plus i love the colour.

i've started being much tougher on myself when shopping for antiques otherwise i just want to buy it all. (charity shops, however, hold no limit). but this little lot brought me so much pleasure and to hunt for them on my birthday made it even sweeter.

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