Wednesday, 7 March 2012


this was me last night. shattered (as evidenced by dark circles and a slightly crazy expression) but with some champagne for the second night in a row as, approaching midnight, i *finally* submitted another chapter (a day late but still - hurrah).

but, save for some bubbly and a tiny lie in, there is no rest around these parts. motivation is still high but this is a SERIOUS test of endurance and i am constantly having to give myself pep talks and focus on the positive.

generally, i am *very* proud of what i have achieved to date but i need to keep up the good work for:


thanks to the lovely ivana for tagging me in a '#merightnow' thing on instagram because it made me take a photo of myself there and then and document this achievement. oh i do love my iPhone and my photo diary that instagram makes so easy and fun to do. below are my latest pics. you can find me as nancyflowers on there. pop by and say hello!

right, i'm off to eat some pheasant risotto (made with last night's leftover roasted pheasant - yum) and carry on working but by watching one or two parenting documentaries so it's straightforward 'easy' work.

nancy x

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  1. Good luck with the thesis writing! I am sure it will all seem like a dream when you are holding that hardback book you've produced. For now though champagne is definitely the way to celebrate finishing a chapter.