Wednesday, 30 June 2010

stitch yourself

if you're in london, get yourself to the science museum pronto to see over 200 stitched selves on display (6.45-10pm this evening!) more info below the pictures...

if i had the skills that these amazing knitters and sewers have, i would have created my very own stitched self. these are my favourites:

by @GingerKnits (my utmost favourite stitched self). you can see her blog at

by @ponddrop (complete with her baby droplet!). her blog is

the middle one is made by @hoxtonhandmade ( and the right one by @deadlyknitshade (

(photo courtesy of @deadlyknitshade)

i don't know who made these but i also think they're great (photo courtesy of @deadlyknitshade) - will try to find out and update.

Stitch London teamed up with London’s Science Museum to create a Stitch Yourself exhibit for the re-opening of their Who Am I? gallery.

See the Stitch Yourself exhibit for one night only in the main Energy Hall at the Science Museum on 30 June 2010 from 6.45 to 10pm.

The exhibit features over 200 entries from all over the world and it's possibly the only time you'll ever get to see an army of tiny stitched people take over one of London's most shiny museums.

You can also see Stitch London's knitted chromosomes by Stitchettes Lauren O'Farrell and Marion Crick in the Who Am I Gallery's permanent exhibit.

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